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In order to upgrade an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system successfully, there needs to be significant consideration of both the humans and technologies involved. Not only do you need to need to find an EHR that works best for your health organization, but you want to be sure that you can offer the proper training to help your staff make this transition. Software upgrades take a significant amount of preparation and detail. Here are some tips for anyone looking to upgrade their electronic healthcare records.

Determine Your Needs

Over the years, EHR has become more complex and are so longer simple medical files. There is more detail and specificity, which can be a challenge. When choosing a new EHR system upgrade, think about finding software that can limit the amount of data you can add to files. Overloading medical records with unnecessary data takes up time and space, so consider keeping your medical documentation smaller and more concise.

Ask Yourself if You Have the Bandwidth

As much as you might want an upgrade, you need to ask yourself if you’re ready for one. Of course, you should question the software and training as your staff’s time may be stretched thin. Before making a big decision, take the time and look into resources to make sure that you’re in the position to make this significant change.

Testing Before a Rollout

When planning the timeline for a new EHR upgrade, be sure to count for the time where you test the software. The last thing you want is to jump into new software, and something goes completely wrong. This is also a great way to spot any potential problems that you may encounter in the future. It’s also essential to include the end-users in the testing process to help them get an idea of how the new software will work. Nothing is ever perfect, so it’s always good to find issues before they can cause real problems.

Following these tips can help organizations have a nice and easy transition into a new EHR upgrade. Remember always to keep your staff in the loop so they are up to speed on how the new EHR works. Don’t rush into something you may not be ready for but instead spend time planning out how you can upgrade successfully.