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Kitchens are one of the most frequently updated rooms in a house. There are many good reasons for this but it creates a bit of a conundrum.


If you go with something trendy, the kitchen will soon be outdated. If you don’t go with something trendy, it will look outdated the minute you finish your remodel.

Here are some trends that stand the test of time so you can try to have the best of both worlds:


  1. White Kitchens

White is a hot color for kitchens right now. It’s easy to embrace this trend because white is a color that has long been popular in kitchens.

Right now the trend is a mostly white kitchen, not an all-white kitchen. All-white kitchens are passe. Add some warmth and a little color to your mostly white kitchen and it will look fresh and inviting for years to come.


  1. Dark Wood Floors

This is such a classic design that you don’t need to wonder if it will still be okay in a year or three. A dark wood floor paired with a mostly white kitchen is a great way to warm it up. If you are going with the colorful cabinets trend, a dark wood floor can help ground a look that can sometimes be a bit too whimsical.


  1. Terrific Backsplashes

Colorful tiles that cover the entire backsplash are hot right now. It’s a practical component of the kitchen and a small enough space to be a little daring and playful. To make sure it doesn’t get outdated quickly, go with classic tile patterns, like Greek or Moroccan.


  1. Engineered Quartz

People are increasingly moving away from high-maintenance marble and to quartz as an equally beautiful stone that is much more practical and durable. Choose a neutral shade and you won’t need to worry about what’s trending next year.


  1. Mixing Metals

Metal finishes are a classic look, but people usually only use a single metal finish throughout a space. If you are doing it yourself, stick with either silvery and grey type metals or gold and brass type metals. Leave the more daring pairings to a professional.